Student Grants

SBT Student Grant scheme (established 2017)

As part of our commitment to lifelong learning in the field of speech and language therapy, SBT is pleased to offer a unique award for individuals undertaking training to become a Speech and Language Therapist.

Each year, we offer one major grant of £1,000 and five minor grants of £100 each. Additionally, the successful applicants will have access to various opportunities and support, throughout their time at university. 2018-2019 winner Megan Pickering found her grant to be life-changing.

Sarah Buckley and Sara Bunker
Sarah Buckley (left) and 2017 SBT grant winner Sara Bunker (right)

Previous winners

Major grant winner – M (name withheld on request)
Minor grant winners – Alexandra Day-Smith, Bethan Hill, Evie Holder, Jolene Kieser, Lucy May

Major grant winner – Megan Pickering
Minor grant winners – Charlotte Ka Yun Liu; Charlotte Thompson; Connie Baird; Kimberly Young; Kirsty Brian

Grant winner – Sara Bunker