Sarah Buckley Therapies champions research

SBT practice manager Sarah Buckley attended the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)’s Research Champion Workshop in July, to explain how SBT supports its therapists in research and personal development. It was the first such workshop since 2016.

The September issue of RCSLT’s Bulletin has just covered the event, with RCSLT Research Support Officer Katie Chadd writing:

“Other speakers included independent therapist Sarah Buckley, who has done tremendous work in boosting her company’s research culture.”

During her talk, Sarah explained how staff have been able to work on research, move to part-time work and to take sabbaticals for their MSc conversions. Shelley Parkin and Caitlyn Chandler both earned their MScs while working for SBT, developing the use of Lego-based therapy with children with language impairment.

Sophie Hay has also recently submitted her MSc project, ‘Receptive vocabulary and early socio-cognitive skills in pre-school children’. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for her!