SBT Student Grant 2018 winners announced

SBT Grant 2018

A huge congratulations to this year’s recipients of our Student Grants! Thanks to everyone who applied – it was a tough choice.

Each year, we award one major grant of £1,000 and five minor grants of £100 each. Practice manager Sarah Buckley says: “We’re thrilled to be able to offer SLT students this opportunity and are eager to continue supporting students in various ways, at all stages of their journey.”

The Major Grant

Megan Pickering (left) with Sarah Buckley

Megan Pickering, UCL

Megan won the £1,000 grant based on her reflections on real-life situations where SALT can change lives, which really resonated with the panel reviewing the applications.

Minor Grants

Charlotte Ka Yun Liu, UCL

Charlotte reflected in her application on the disconnect between academic research and practice. We hope that she continues to challenge the links between theory and practice in her ongoing professional development as a qualified SLT.

Charlotte Thompson, De Montfort

Charlotte Thompson impressed us with her tremendous efforts to raise awareness of SALT via social media – she’s even now written a blog post about winning the award. Keep up the good work!

Connie Baird, UCL

We were impressed by Connie’s application and her reflections on the importance of linking literacy and SALT, as well as the issues associated with Youth Offending Services.

Kimberly Young, City

Kimberly’s application included reflections on functional goals for individuals with complex needs. Her passion for the profession really shone through!

Kirsty Brian, City

Kirsty’s application captured her work overseas and her involvement with the RCSLT really caught our attention.