Good luck to Alison!

Alison Yildirok
Alison Yildirok

SBT has been delighted to have Alison Yildirok with us for the past month. Alison is a first-year master’s student in speech-language pathology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She wrote to us in September last year, asking if we would be willing to host her ‘practicum’ placement in the UK.

Alison wanted to get a sense of what it would be like to work and live in London and to immerse herself in its culture and lifestyle. She also wanted to see what if she would like to work as an SLT in the UK when she qualified.

We were delighted to accept her on our student placement programme and our student coordinator, Sophie Hay, was able to organise the necessary permissions for her to work with our therapists in some of our schools.

Alison says: “It has been such a privilege to work at Sarah Buckley Therapies for the past four weeks. I learned so much working alongside this amazing team of clinicians, who have supported and challenged me throughout my placement. I am coming away from this experience with an expanded skillset and stronger clinical instincts that I will carry through to my future practice.”

Sadly (for us!), Alison now to return to Canada to continue her course. Good luck with the rest of your studies, Alison – it’s been a pleasure and an honour to have you here!