SBT at the London SLT Student Placements Partnership annual workshop

Last week, SBT practice manager Sarah Buckley represented the independent speech and language therapy sector at the annual practice educators’ workshop ‘Collaboration and Innovation in Practice Education’, hosted at UCL’s Chandler House.

The only independent speech and language therapist speaking at the event, Sarah gave one of the afternoon presentations: ‘Making student placements work in the private sector.’

During her talk, Sarah explained why independent practices should offer students placements, the differences between NHS and independent placements, and best practice in managing placement schemes. She also highlighted SBT’s student placement offer, which includes:

  • Ad hoc observation days for work experience
  • Overseas placements
  • Research projects
  • Screening initiatives

Other speakers included Jodie Davies from Whittington Health on sharing experiences and professional skills, Nina Bury from Homerton Hospital NHS Trust on providing positive placements, and UCL’s Sarah Nash on multidisciplinary placements in special schools.

Student placement offers

SBT student placements

SBT has its own student coordinator, Sophie Hay, and this academic year, Sophie has already organised two student placements:

  • Gemma, who is on the second year of an MSc at City University, and was with us from September through to April.
  • Alison, from McGill University in Canada, is currently on a 20-day placement with us until June.

However, they won’t be the last this year, we’re sure!