You can now apply for the 2019-20 SBT Student Grant – plus last year’s winner reveals how it has helped her!

Every year, SBT awards a series of student grants to help speech and language therapy students with their studies. There is one major grant of £1,000 and

As part of our commitment to lifelong learning in the field of speech and language therapy, SBT is pleased to offer a unique award for individuals undertaking training to become a Speech and Language Therapist.

Each year, we offer one major grant of £1,000 and five minor grants of £100 each. Additionally, the successful applicants will have access to various opportunities and support, throughout their time at university.

We are now taking applications for the 2019-20 grants. To receive your application form or for any queries, please contact [email protected].

Megan Pickering
The winner of the 2018 SBT Major Grant Megan Pickering (left) with Sarah Buckley

How the SBT Student Grant helped last year’s winner

Megan Pickering was the winner of 2018-19’s major SBT Student Grant and she says it’s been a big help to her.

I feel incredibly privileged to have been awarded the Sarah Buckley Therapies Grant. After taking a break from studying, returning to University to study a Masters was a daunting prospect, made even more so by the increased financial pressures of the government’s replacement of NHS bursaries with student loans. Despite my dream to be a Speech and Language Therapist and hopefully have my own clinic one day, I was very close to forfeiting my place on the course for financial reasons. I searched everywhere for sources of financial support, finding very little available, before discovering the Sarah Buckley Grant. When I received the call to say that I had won I couldn’t believe it! It felt amazing to know that someone like Sarah believed in me and wanted to support me.

The grant has helped me emotionally as well as financially. The Masters course is incredibly intense and there were times when I didn’t believe I could get through it all. However after an inspirational visit to Sarah’s clinic when I received my grant, I kept this in my mind as motivation and didn’t want to let Sarah down. Knowing that Sarah Buckley Therapies supported me gave me the drive to keep going and strive to achieve my full potential in my studies.

Financially, I was able to reduce my hours in my part-time job as the course intensified and focus on studying to develop as the best Speech and Language Therapist  I can be. I was able to fix my laptop and continue studying at home, and it eased the pressure of the daily costs of living in London. Sarah also offered me lots of other unique opportunities, such as free training sessions and CV support.

The thing that most appealed to me about this grant was Sarah’s ethical ethos and moral values, ensuring all clients receive the optimum therapy for their needs and are treated fairly and with integrity. This is something which I am incredibly passionate about and plan to embed in my own future work as a Speech and Language Therapist. I hope one day I am able to give back in the way she has.

If you share these values and are worried about the financial challenges of SLT training, I would definitely encourage you to apply for the Sarah Buckley Grant and have a chance of being awarded this fantastic opportunity.