A fast way to assess communication needs


SBT’s CommSEY (Communication Screen for Early Years) is a quick and engaging way to determine the speech, language and communication skills of nursery and reception children.  

CommSEY takes only 10‑15 minutes to administer per child and can help you:

  • Decide when to refer children for speech and language therapy 
  • Monitor children’s speech, language and communication development 

We offer a reduced and competitive rate to screen your pupils. There is limited availability so bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis.

CommSEY was developed by our therapists in response to demand from schools we work with and is exclusive to SBT.

For more information or to book a CommSEY assessment at your school, please contact us

Who uses CommSEY?

What schools say about CommSEY

“We have had really positive feedback from parents who appreciate and feel reassured by the proactiveness of our doing the screening”

The Belham Primary School

“The screening of our reception children has enabled us to fully understand the needs of each individual child and set up specific interventions to support them with their language and communication learning’

Scott’s Park Primary School