Student Grants

Sarah Buckley and Sara Bunker
Sara Bunker (right) with Sarah Buckley

SBT Student Grant scheme (established 2017)

Every year, as part of our commitment to lifelong learning in the field of speech and language therapy, SBT is pleased to offer a series of student grants for individuals undertaking training to become a Speech and Language Therapist.

2018-19 recipient Megan Pickering found her grant to be life-changing and 2019-20 grant recipient Lucy May joined us in September 2020!

Kimberley Cambridge

This year’s recipients

This year, we awarded three grants of £500 each and the successful applicants will also have access to various opportunities and support, throughout their time at university.

They were:

Previous recipients

Neve Dee

Hana Ahmed, Neve Dee, Shauna Warren

Lucy May and Sarah Buckley
Lucy May (left) with Sarah Buckley

Major grant recipient – M (name withheld on request)
Minor grant recipients – Alexandra Day-Smith, Bethan Hill, Evie Holder, Jolene Kieser, Lucy May

Megan Pickering
Megan Pickering (left) with Sarah Buckley

Major grant recipient – Megan Pickering
Minor grant recipients – Charlotte Ka Yun Liu; Charlotte Thompson; Connie Baird; Kimberly Young; Kirsty Brian

Grant recipients – Sara Bunker