SBT’s clinic service suspended, due to high demand

SBT's clinic
SBT’s clinic

Since its establishment in 2010, Sarah Buckley Therapies has had the sole aim of providing as much targeted, high-quality, speech and language therapy to as many children and young people as possible. This has mainly been by providing our services to schools, but in 2017, SBT was proud to achieve its long-held ambition of opening an on-site clinic in Bromley. 

Since then, our therapists have seen dozens of children in our clinic, providing them with focused one-to-one therapy that they have been unable to obtain through other means. We’ve also expanded the clinic to provide a popular monthly out-of-hours service on Saturdays for those who can’t attend during the week. The feedback has been superb, with surveys telling us that all our clients would be likely or highly likely to recommend the clinic to others.

However, SBT has continued to grow and expand. It now has the most number of therapists it has ever had, providing services to more schools than ever before. We’ve therefore had a difficult choice to make. With even more schools approaching us for services in the 2019-2020 academic year, even once we recruit more therapists, we still won’t be able to meet those schools’ needs, as well as provide a clinic service.

Unfortunately, that means we’ve had to temporarily suspend our clinic service until further notice. This is obviously disappointing to us, but at the moment, in order to provide the most effective service to the most number of children with speech and communication difficulties, we need to focus all our resources on schools.

It remains our ambition to offer a clinic service again, as soon as possible, and we will provide updates through our web site, newsletter, social media and other means, as soon as that becomes an option for us. We’ve loved working with all our clients and we hope to work with them and many others in the near future.

Customers tell us what they think about SBT’s clinic and our therapy

SBT's clinic

Last term, we asked SBT customers to provide feedback on their sessions at the SBT clinic, as well as on SBT itself. We’ve now had the results fed back to us and they speak for themselves:

Sarah is a brilliant therapist. She listened and understood. Not only did she help [our daughter] develop aspects of her speech and language needs, she helped me understand them better too. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

We are very happy with the service we have received from Sarah Buckley. We have found the experience invaluable in supporting us in helping our son with his speech. Sarah’s involvement has been useful in informing us with knowledge about what could be happening for our son as well as giving us useful indicators regarding where he is working and what needs to happen next. This clear and informative process has helped to reduce our anxiety and keep us focused.

The whole experience of working with Sarah has been exceptional. Not only did my daughter absolutely love her sessions but I also left each week with new knowledge. I would highly recommend Sarah Buckley Therapies to any parent who is looking to provide friendly, engaging and exceptional speech and language sessions for their child/family.

My son’s therapist Shivani has been amazing. At first, I was a little bit skeptical as she is quite young, but since February to July, Shivani has consistently delivered very beneficial therapy sessions to us. We have learnt a lot from Shivani and we continue to use the therapy that she has taught us daily. What I especially appreciated about Shivani is that she did not label or try to diagnose [our son]. She just continuously supported and advised us in ways to enhance his communication. Shivani maintained partnership with his nursery and also his NHS speech therapist so that they can all come together to support his communication. She was always warm, friendly and very approachable.

Thank you very much Shivani and Sarah Buckley Therapies. I will definitely highly recommend you.

Very well set up practice, wide range of toys and activities to facilitate sessions.

After moving from overseas (where our profoundly deaf daughter received weekly speech therapy sessions through the public system), we were very disappointed to not receive regular therapy through the NHS. After months of searching, we were very happy to find Sarah. With her expertise and guidance, she is finally getting back on track with her listening and language skills, and our confidence as parents teaching her is growing. We have seen the results that can be achieved for deaf children who receive regular speech therapy and feel optimistic for the future, thanks so much Sarah!  Not only helpful to my child but also to myself in ways in which I can help at home. Would highly recommend

Most accommodating, efficient, friendly and professional.

We also asked the customers to score us our performance in a number of areas and whether they’d recommend SBT to others:

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Clinic: Intensive Block

SBT's clinic

We will be running an intensive speech and language therapy block at the end of Summer term from 23rd July – 28th July 2018. An intensive block means that children are seen for an hour long session, daily, for one week (five days).

For further information about this block and costings, please complete the enquiry form or contact us via email or telephone.

Spaces are limited, so if you’re interested in booking this therapy block for your child, contact us as soon as possible.