New benefits for SBT staff

It’s a new term and a new academic year at SBT. As always, we’re looking for new ways to reward and help our employees. The first this term is a tech discount scheme that enables employees to buy equipment from Apple and Curry’s/PC World at a discounted rate that they can pay back through salary deduction over 12, 24 or 36 months:

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But we’re also embracing Bring Your Own Device. Since we use Office 365 and Office 365 encryption, SBT staff can log in from any computer and access the files they need, while still being secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.

That means in a world where everyone’s computing tastes are different – some may prefer a big laptop with a large screen, others may prefer a Mac, while others may prefer something small and light they can fit in a cycle bag – SBT is happy to allow employees to use their own laptops. We’ll even help set them up with printers and other resources.

That’s just two new perks of working with SBT!